Seeour Ready to Eat avocado

Ready To Eat

Yex has excellent Ready to Eat avocados and mangos. These ready-to-eat fruits are sold under the Discovered brand.

Our products come from specialised and socially certified growers who supply products that are ideally suited for ripening. We have mangos coming from locations such as Peru, West Africa, Costa Rica, Israel, Brazil and Spain.

Modern ripening rooms and passionate specialists

The ripening rooms in our warehouse are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. But we won’t make it on technology alone. Ripening mangos and avocados will always be a job for people. Yex works with ripening masters who will do everything it takes, including getting out of bed in the middle of the night, to make sure that the avocados and mangos ripen to perfection. Yex has compiled a team full of passion and experience that will ensure that each mango and avocado that leaves the facility, in whatever type of packaging, will be a veritable delight for the consumer.

Ready To Eat avocados and mangos

We proudly present our Ready To Eat selection:

Ready To Eat avocado

Ready to Eat Avocados

The avocados, which are also available year-round, come from locations such as Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Israel. A very complete list of countries that are absolutely indispensable if we want to import high-quality products all year round. Yex has a strong relationship with its fruit growers, which is why we handle them with care. The avocados are especially selected by the growers for the specific characteristics, such as the correct dry matter content, which ensure that the avocado ripens well and has a delicious flavour.

Ready to eat mango

Ready to Eat Mangos

The mangos are not harvested until the moment that they’ve achieved the right stage of maturity. This means that the fruit ripens perfectly here in the Netherlands, ensuring that the final product is full of flavour. In addition, only the loveliest, most vibrantly coloured fruits are selected for the Discovered “Ready to Eat” brand.


If you have any questions about what our possibilities are, or if you’d like to come take a look at our ripening rooms, then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff.